Before we begin your journey towards abundance, I want to introduce you to the concept of Feng Shui. 


Feng Shui is an ancient, widely known discipline of Chinese origin.

Feng Shui is pronounced as “Fung” “Schway”. 


Feng means air and Shui means water.

According to Chinese legends, Feng Shui is based on the movement of “Chi”.
Chi is believed to be the omnipresent energy that moves from one place to another and it is this movement that makes the Chi an auspicious or inauspicious one. Furthermore, with Feng Shui, we can analyze the type of Chi that our home, office or other space receives so we can transform an inauspicious Chi to an auspicious one.
Chi energy that moves too fast is called Sha-Qi and is believed to be inauspicious (at least for the home).
The Chi that moves extremely slow (almost still) is also considered to be very inauspicious as it lacks “that liveliness”. The Chi that moves at moderate speed is the auspicious one that we seek for the home.
We must find the right balance of Chi movement in the home with a moderate or calm pace. It should be neither too fast nor too slow.
Mountain Lake Reflection
An example of a home with slow moving Chi will be a home where the energy feels “stuck” and the occupants of the home have little or no energy.

On the other hand, imagine a home with fast moving Chi, like that of a race track. The people in that home won’t be able to rest, decide on something or won’t be able to stick to a job. They’ll find no peace at home and may have frequent quarrels, disagreements and much more to

I can help you find the energy that is right for your home with the use of crystals, furniture placement, lighting and accessories.

These are just a few basic – but really important – reasons to bring
Feng Shui in to your life.