The purpose of interior redesign is to utilize what the client already owns for a fresher look in the home.

Homeowners often have a hard time seeing the potential of their rooms because they’ve been looking at the same furnishings for years. Sometimes a client needs a new perspective.


There are hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered in most homes, but they need a fresh eye to find them.

Sometimes people never have achieved the look or feel they envision:

  • They want more life out of their existing furniture and accessories

  • Their rooms aren’t comfortable and inviting

  • They’ve recently moved and want their belongings to look as if it were purchased with a new home in mind

  • The need to combine two households of furniture and blend the two styles

  • They’re apartment dwellers or renters who are not allowed to paint, and need their belongings to be the focus of interest

Interior redesign can be done quickly and far less expensive than a complete design makeover.

Before + Afters