Life coaching is a practice which aims to help clients determine and achieve personal goals.

Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and coaches are not therapists nor consultants.

Therapy vs. Coaching:

Therapy delves more into someone's past and personal story.

Coaching operates within the present moment, moving you from where you are to where you want to be.

Consulting vs Coaching:

A consultant provides a person or organization with expertise and assistance. Coaching can help turn an entrepreneur into a great leader.

Often the lines between coaching and consulting can get blurred, creating a situation that is not effective at providing what the client actually needs.

Coaching is a relationship, a partnership.

It is a commitment to YOU, our time together and topics we discuss.


Prepare to bring your whole self to our session.


What can you expect during a session?

  1. I am here for you.

  2. You can bring topics to discuss or I can begin by asking questions.

  3. No topic is off limits. Everything is coachable. Sometimes, a coaching activity or tool is used (e.g.: Bridge of Life, Value Mining, Sage/Saboteur work, etc.:)

  4. This is a no judgment zone.

  5. All sessions are confidential.

  6. We will design a coach-client relationship together that benefits you and helps you live your best life.